About DISA

DISA, formerly Transportation Advisoris a Third Party Administrator (TPA) also called a Consortium or Service Agent. For over 20 years we have administered DOT mandated and company specific drug and alcohol testing programs for clients across the United States. Our extensive experience working with trucking companies, pipeline contractors and operators as well as in the transit industry allows us to be uniquely qualified for all DOT related issues. Any TPA or Consortia can generate random selections. That is the easy part. Our regulatory expertise and experience working with utility contractors throughout the northeast coupled with a highly trained staff dedicated to serving our clients is what sets us apart.

Many companies that utilize commercial equipment, commercial drivers or covered employees need assistance to maintain DOT compliance. Often it is only when a company is audited or fined do they realize that a program needs to be implemented or that what they do have in place is deficient.

There are options when setting up a compliance program. For instance, our clients can choose to be part of a larger testing pool based on the testing rate of the designated agency they fall under or they can elect to set up a company specific random testing pool.

But, we do more than just run a random testing program. From writing policy, to training supervisors, to audit support, The Transportation Advisor is truly management support for your company.

Our clients have the added value of our experience at work for them. We are always available to answer any DOT related question. We enjoy working directly with our clients. Your call will never be answered by an automated system. We understand that continued compliance is an on-going, interactive process between our company and yours.

By outsourcing compliance to industry experts, companies of all sizes can concentrate on their core business activities without worry.