DQ Tracker

The Transportation Advisor's newest service to monitor Driver Qualification Files to ensure ongoing compliance with FMCSRs.

DQ Tracker monitors expiration and renewal dates and alerts you via email when a specific commercial driver needs updated information. It provides needed peace of mind to busy safety professionals.

No more spreadsheets or rummaging through paper files. DQ Tracker is a fully automated system that sends out immediate notifications at pre-set intervals of 45, 30 and 15 days. If an item is still allowed to expire, a DQ File Specialist calls the client directly to review the status of an expired document. Finally there is a system to ensure DQF File compliance that is as simple as an email!

Employers do not have to complete any data entry. The TA Staff does that for you. You sit back and let the system work for you.

You can take the service one step further and request that our DQ File Specialists set up initial files for new hires by completing the drug and alcohol history background check and obtaining a current driving record. Automatic renewals of driving records every 12 months or upon the expiration of a medical card is another option. Some clients obtain all the documents on their own and simply want their DQF data tracked. Our flexible service allows clients to choose the service level that best fits their needs.

We track:

  • License/CDL Expiration
  • Medical Card Expiration
  • Driving Record Expiration
  • Annual Review/Certification of Violations

Keeping accurate and up to date Driver Qualification Files is made easy with DQ Tracker.


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